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About Us

Into the Hive 

We are a soccer club devoted to creating a benchmark for the local soccer community where players can learn how to play a certain style of soccer, fundamental values to life and have realistic pathways for scholarships in and outside the country. We are proud to be sanctioned member of the Peel Soccer Association based in Mississauga, Ontario. Canada. 


Our Story

Toronto United Football Club is a value-based club that provides expert coaching with a focus on leadership, stability, and a positive atmosphere - all within the means of the planet. This is the peoples club.

Formed in the midst of the pandemic by a group of coaches and friends who once proudly represented Barca Academy Toronto, which unfortunately closed at the beginning of 2020. The aim was clear, to keep our strong, passionate and dedicated community together after the fall of Barca. This community was our lives, each family as important as the next, a community that we spent years building. A new environment was needed to continue our common pursuit to develop top players and people. 

With strong values, a clear methodology and talent at the clubs disposal we have seen the club go from strength to strength. Our logo, the Bee stands for community and sustainability. To go fast go alone, to go far, go together. Together into the Fray! 

Meet The Team

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